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Trade In Space serves its customers by providing blockchain & earth observation imagery technologies to help connect people with a variety of new opportunities across the world. 

About Trade In Space

Trade in Space aim to be the preferred supplier of integrable soft commodity data to those who need it. We stand out as early developers of smart contract supply chain integration, our customers know where the future is and we want to help them shape it.

Trade in Space was founded in late 2017 with the aim of making direct trade between food producers and buyers easier, using satellite imagery and blockchain technology. Since then, our ethos has evolved. We use satellite images to derive critical insights into all aspects of the agricultural supply chain.

 The data we produce can inform decision making and improve performance “from farm to fork”, meaning that we can add value for farmers as well as buyers and traders.

In 2020 we brokered the first ever “space traded” coffee from Colombia to the UK using our technology. Since then, we’ve surveyed thousands of coffee farms in Colombia and Brazil, mapped sugar, tea, rice and maize in Malawi, and investigated deforestation in East Africa.

How We Help

Trade In Space helps organisations in a range of different ways. Please select on the options below to find out more. 

Food Importers

Helping Food Importers Add Value To Existing Supply Chains

Commodity Traders

More Informed Decision Making For Commodity Traders

Coffee Buyers

Supporting Producers to Create More Exciting Brands

Food Producers

Access To New Customers & Markets For Food Producers

Food Exporters

Create New Opportunities For Food Producers Worldwide

Global Brands

Helping The Planet & Brands Meet Sustainability Objectives

Our Solution Toolkit

Trade In Space aim to be the preferred supplier of integratable soft commodity data to those who need it.